Histology Laboratory Jobs

Lighthouse Recruiting provides placement in a full range of histology lab jobs in medical laboratories throughout the United States. If you are seeking a job in histology as a histotechnologist or histotechnician, we encourage you to explore the histology laboratory job listings below to find the clinical lab jobs we currently have available in this field.

Job Title City, State Job ID Category Info
Senior Histotechnologist
Boston, MA 7560 Histology
Histology Supervisor (Days)
Toledo, OH 7559 Histology
Histotechnologist / Histotechnician (Days)
Toledo, OH 7558 Histology
HT/HTL Histotechnologist (2nd Shift)
Columbia, MD 7555 Histology
HT / HTL Histotechnologist (Days)
Aspen, CO 7553 Histology
HT/HTL Histology Technician (Days)
Waynesboro, VA 7529 Histology
Lab Manager, Anatomic Pathology
Charlotte, NC 7502 Histology
HT / HTL Histotechnologist (3rd Shift)
Charlotte, NC 7501 Histology
HT / HTL Histotechnologist, Surgical Pathology (Days or Nights)
Chapel Hill, NC 7499 Histology
HT / HTL MOHS Histotechnician (Days)
Waynesboro, VA 7498 Histology
HT/HTL Histotechnologist (Nights)
Gainsville, FL 7481 Histology
Laboratory Supervisor, Histology
Atlanta, GA 7400 Histology